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Re: [IP] Re: Almost a week with this pump

At 01:45 AM 7/24/2006, Michael Levisay wrote:
 > I have a trainer and I realize that this thing takes time. I even had a
 >experience tonight by eating a Southwestern Chicken Salad at Jack In the Box
 >programming 45 units in my thing(that salad could not have been worth more
 >30!) I got a 275 reading, then I corrected it, went over to my friends house
 >two hours, came back and got a 310 reading...something has to be wrong with
>piece of crap. $6,000 should provide for a quality product that adds some form
>of satisfaction to one's life. I hate minimed, I'd rather risk going low, then
>not being able to eat a salad with this horrific high. 

 First. Eating out can most often cause problems. Most restaurant food is laden
with fat and unknown sugar that affect bgs in strange ways. It takes much time
and practice for most of us to get restaurant food worked out (extended boluses,
etc.) and many of us just adopt a "correct later" routine. Btw, I'm curious that
you needed 45 UNITS of insulin for that salad? Are you extremely insulin

 Second, are you sure your basal settings are correct? Have you tested them? Are
you using one basal amount all day long or various amounts? If you are extremely
insulin resistant, it is very possible your basals are not set correctly.

 It took nearly a month for me to get things reasonably worked out when I first
went on the pump. Perhaps you are expecting too much too soon. I agree with
others who have told you to check with MiniMed or your doctor's office and try
to get more training. Another suggestion is to pick up the book, Pumping Insulin
by John Walsh are READ it closely. There are many tips and ideas for setting
basals and bolus amounts in it. There are also a number of "How To's" on the IP
website at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto.shtml.

 I have been on a pump for over 6 years. I would NEVER go back to injections. I
had so many problems with lows, I was becoming house bound because I was afraid
to go anywhere alone. I rarely ever drove a car. Now, I even travel across the
country by myself. The difference for me, is amazing. You need to give it time,
LEARN how to use your pump and don't expect miracles overnight. Remember, you
can spend millions of dollars on an item and if you don't know how to properly
use it, it will not work well for you.

Best wishes to you.

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