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Re: [IP] Almost a week with this pump.

Sometimes the basal rate has to be adjusted.  The dressing on the Gyro may
have had more sugar in it than you counted.  What did you have to drink?  Did
you add that in?  Did you eat anything else during that time?  Mine is working
fine.  It takes time to fine tune the adjustments.   Barbara Z.
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  I am 20  years old, and just started using a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm
  Monday.  I got the pump because I was having many lows. I have had an avg.
  a1c's since I was diagnosed at 11, I was hoping to get a 6.0 avg during  my
  in the hopes of avoiding complications. So far this P.O.S. has not  proven
  to me and right now wish I could send it back and get a  refund. I know this
  not possible, but I ate a meal for dinner today and  my eveing time insulin
  321. Using 14 units of humalog, my blood sugar  would have most likely ended
  in the 80-120 range. I know that this meal  could not have been more 90
  worth of carbs. It was a gyro sandwhich,  side of homous and a piece of
  bread. This pump sucks, I am horrified  that this thing cost $6,000 ($950
  pocket). My blood sugar has been  hell since I started using it.
  If anyone has any thoughts, or can  help, I would like to hear it.

  It took me about a month to get myself regulated when I first got my pump
   back in 2001. Literally it was as if I had gotten rediagnosed with diabetes
  over again. I did not have enough patience at the time - I was 25 with 2
   small children. Give yourself at least a month and then figure out which
  want  to go with your pump. I don't ever want to give up my pump - I need it
  to feel  good!! You will eventually feel the change in yourself.

  Over this past week my pump died and I needed to get another one. It took
   more time than they expected due to bad weather - gratefully I am hooked up
  feel well again. It will become a great part of your life, you just have to
  let  it work for you....

  Pumping since 04-01, diabetic since '89
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