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[IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

 I'm also a diabetic of 36 years. I don't remember much of those first few years
except being on just a daily injection of NPH. That was before daily glucose
readings and when you tested urine. How archaic that was, and how different
technology has made our affliction. Pumping has made all the difference in my
life. From one injection daily to multiples, then to an insulin pump. When I was
first diagnosed, I don't even remember the doctor telling me just what my glood
glucose level was, just that it was high and we started the injections. I didn't
even have an endocrinologist for approx 20 years of those 36 years. I have had a
general practitioner also for most of those years and didn't even know that
pumps existed until the past 5 or 6 years and then had to find an endo that
believed in them. Like others, I actually had two or three that told me I wasn't
a candidate for one. I'm now pumping for almost 3 months!

>How old were you when you were diagnosed type 1?
>28. That was 37 years ago, when what is now called types 1 and 2 
>were thought to be strictly age-related, and they said I fell in the 
>crack. I was stabilized on insulin, and when they tried the pills 
>later they didn't work. Now I'm pretty sure it was LADA. Diagnosis 
>was via glucose tolerance test--they said I came in (fasting) at 
>200, jumped to 400 on the challenge and then just sat there.
>Did you have a "Honeymoon phase" and how long did it last?
>Probably--at least I didn't need much insulin to start with, and 
>survived a month on the pills That was before clucometers, and the 
>determination that the pills didn't work was made via lab tests of 
>blood sugar.

Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, AK
Dx 1969 at age 28, insulin from start, C-peptide undetectable (Probably type 1)
Blue MM 512 to 515, "Symbi," since Jan 2004

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