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RE: [IP] pride (or at least acceptance)

I don't care who knows I have diabetes or that I have a pump. I kept my pump
on my belt for 4 days. My belt line is the same height as the counter tops
in the kitchen and the same height as the tops of the chairs in the dining
room. Also when I sat down in the car it was always hitting the seat belt
connector coming out of the seat. So I had button holes put in my both pants
pockets. Now I keep the pump in the pockets. I also had a cover of heavy
soft material made for the pump. Now I can keep keys and change in the same
pocket as the pump without scratching it.

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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I wear mine "out" most of the time. If you can't see the pump, you can 
usually see the tubing. I have always been very open with my diabetes, and I

love the occasional opportunity to talk with someone who may have been 
thinking about the pump, but doesn't know there are resources out here like 
this list to talk to real live pumpers about their experiences. I know of at

least two people who started pumps after we talked about mine when I was 
working retail and wore it out at work. Last week, I had a great 
conversation with a type 2, who is afraid to go on insulin as her dr 
recommended. I doubt she will be signing up for a pump tomorrow, but I do 
think I convinced her that shots are not nearly as scary as she 
envisioned.And then there was the day when I went into the bagel store, and 
another pumper was getting a demo from a pump rep...there are other pumpers 
out there :)

So, that was a really long winded answer to say every day is "wear your pump

on the outside day" in my world. I figure if one person sees it, asks 
questions, and ends up making a choice to improve their life by getting a 
pump, then I'm glad I wore it out.

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