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Re: [IP] pride (or at least acceptance)

The ADA loves to tell us that there is no longer any discrimination 
against diabetics in hiring.  Hah!  That's why.  We still can't get 
certain jobs and certain employers won't hire anyone with any chronic 
illness.  But having a pump and using it correctly reduces the number of 
high/low incidents that we have.  It reduces the number of ER visits and 
hospitalizations that we have.  We no longer automatically suffer 
blindness and kidney failure.  Imagine life without insulin...which was 
the way the world was before 1922.  So people think that the little box 
on my belt is a pager...well let them think that.  I act as non-diabetic 
as possible (well, except that I won't eat anything fudge-like)!

Denise May

Gary Marcus wrote:
> First, I want to know how many points I get for resisting comments on 
> the political banter; I've signed up for the spirit list and I will 
> post my opinion there.
> I've been diabetic for 26+ years.  I've been wearing a Paradigm 515 
> for a year and a half.  My only regret is that I didn't learn about 
> pumps 20 years ago.  Since becoming a pumper I have looked for others 
> out there in the real world.  I have only seen one other person 
> wearing a pump.  She was in a grocery store and had her tubing wrapped 
> around her belt loops in a decorative sort of way.  I was always very 
> secretive about shooting up in public or even around friends.  I've 
> been much more open with the pump.  It makes me wonder, why are people 
> so secretive?  I would like to propose a national "coming out day".  I 
> can say that I'm proud to have taken such a positive step in diabetes 
> management; for those who are less than proud, at least they can 
> demonstrate acceptance that they have a disease and are doing their 
> best to control it.  Wouldn't it be great to choose a day to increase 
> awareness about insulin pumping both for diabetics who aren't yet 
> pumping as well as for non-diabetics who might get some misconceptions 
> cleared up?  How many people would wear their pump on the outside of 
> their clothing just for the day?  Wouldn't you like to find out who 
> else you come in contact with is a pumper?  We've all joined this list 
> for the support it offers.  We might inspire some non-pumping 
> diabetics to improve their control.
> Would there be support for a national (or international) pumper pride 
> day?  I'd love to see someone I don't know with a pump and flash him 
> or her a glance at mine!
> Gary (in Oakland, California)
> .
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