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[IP] 508 meltdown

Ricardo wrote:
Like most other engineered systems with moving parts, I am sure the pump
manufacturers have calculated MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) for their
products. in addition to their track record, the insurers for the pump
manufacturers probably take the MTBF into account when calculating premiums
to protect the pump manufacturer against liability suits. I can buy an
insurance policy for my 15 year old SUV or 17 year old clothes dryer, but
the premiums would be outrageous because the insurers know the chance of
failure is very high. The cost of premiums for pumps probably starts to
increase disproportionately after the 4th year, so some legal team somewhere
has calculated that it makes good business sense to warrant them for only 4
Assuming the chance of pump failure increases with time and use, no company
wants the legal liability nor the bad press associated with a pump failure
that leads to the death of the user. I also suspect the legal and FDA
consequences would differ for failures outside the
warranty period. Although many pumps last much longer than 4 years, the 4
year pump warranty is probably some calculated balance point between low
chance of pump failure versus cost of premiums versus legal exposure. If you
want to continue using a working pump past the 4 year mark is a personal
decision. You may want to explore what your  rights are in your state for
products outside of the warranty period.

Thanks Ricardo!! Very informative explanation!! Any suggestions on HOW I
explore my rights through the state?
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