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Re: [IP] Almost a week with this pump.

You should be able to send it back to MiniMed, as long as you haven't 
had the pump for more than 30 days.  However... there are many reasons 
why you might not have received the insulin that you thought you dialed 
- you don't say what your bolus was, nor what the basal rate was 
preprandially.  Check your history screen to make sure that a bolus was 
delivered.  Check for air in the cartridge/infusion set.  Check for 
leaks in the infusion set.  You shouldn't be able to smell insulin.  Put 
a small piece of TP near every joint or connection that the tubing has.  
My horror story is the time that my significant other and I went to New 
Orleans and my infusion set was not firmly attached to the end of the 
cartridge!  Ruined vacation!  Also, I happily stopped using a certain 
brand of infusion sets that leaked - the company had changed the 
material that they were made of.  This was back in the '90s... so this 
isn't too likely to happen again.  And I have tons of insulin resistance 
that decides to make itself known or vanish when I least expect it...all 
of a sudden I will have highs and lows.  There's no point in blaming a 
pump for that kind of thing.

Denise May

Michael Levisay wrote:
> I am 20 years old, and just started using a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm last
 >Monday. I got the pump because I was having many lows. I have had an avg. of
 >a1c's since I was diagnosed at 11, I was hoping to get a 6.0 avg during my
 >in the hopes of avoiding complications. So far this P.O.S. has not proven
>to me and right now wish I could send it back and get a refund. I know this is
>not possible, but I ate a meal for dinner today and my eveing time insulin was
>321. Using 14 units of humalog, my blood sugar would have most likely ended up
>in the 80-120 range. I know that this meal could not have been more 90 grams
>worth of carbs. It was a gyro sandwhich, side of homous and a piece of pita
 >bread. This pump sucks, I am horrified that this thing cost $6,000 ($950 out
>pocket). My blood sugar has been hell since I started using it.
>  If anyone has any thoughts, or can help, I would like to hear it.
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