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RE: [IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

Shirley, 6.7 ain't bad, not too much lower.


I was diagnosed June 2005. One month before my 48th birthday. I was losing a
lot of weight, tired all the time, blurred vision, hungry and thirsty. My
primary care Dr ran some blood work and called to I had to go to an
Endocrinologist that day and I shouldn't wait. My fasting BG was 377 and my
A1c# was 14.1.


The Endo I went to didn't do any follow up blood work and spent maybe 15
minutes talking to me. He put me on Metformin and Actos gave me a BG meter
and sent me home. He said come back in one month for a check up. My BG
readings were not improving. I had one BG of 477 while on the pills.


Luckily I had a follow up appt with my primary care Dr for another problem
the next week. He asked how things were going with the diabetes and my
treatment. When I told him the Endo diagnosed me as type 2 he was very upset
and said THERE'S NO WAY. He sent me home with needles and Lantus and
referred me to a different Endo the following week. My BG immediately
dropped with the Lantus. A short while later they added Novolog before


The new Endo ran the GAD and C-peptide blood work and confirmed I am type
1.5 or LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). I think the first Endo
looked at my age and assumed I was a type 2 even though I was thin and
didn't match the type 2 profile.


The thing that is frustrating is they say I'm still in the "Honeymoon
phase".  I started on the Animas 1250 pump June 2006 and I love it!  My last
A1C before starting the pump was 6.7 and I hope to get it lower with my




Here are my questions for anyone diagnosed type 1 after age 30. 



How old were you when you were diagnosed type 1? 



Did you have a "Honeymoon phase" and how long did it last?





Alpharetta, Georgia
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