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[IP] My hospital stay

 Well I just spent the last 25 hours in the hospital. I went to a new doctor on
Monday. I told her of some problems I have been having--numbness on the left
side of my face, forgetting things, hands always falling asleep. My doctor
ordered a CT Scan. I had it done and went on to work. Two hours later I got a
phone call from the doctor--the CT Scan showed a bleed---come in to see her. I
finished working 1/2 of my shift and then went to see her.
 We talked and then she tells me I need to go into the hospital for another CT
Scan, an MRI, a heart sonogram and a caratoid artery sonogram. Talk about being
blasted with both barrels! I went to the hospital--she had pre-admitted me and
got a room in the CCU.
 Within 30 minutes I went for the CT Scan and MRI. The CT Scan from the hospital
showed no bleed but possible calcification of the inner layers of the brain. The
MRI was cancelled. My family--4 of them being in the medical field--insisted on
the MRI. So, this morning I had the MRI, sonogram of the heart, the caratoid
artery study. Guess what? ALL were CLEAR!!!!!
 The nursing staff was awsome. The doctor had put in my orders that I was to
take control of my diabetes.. I ran my own tests and gave boluses as needed. I
showed 2 of the nurses a few things of the pump--they were amazed. I told them I
thought I should come give a class on pumps!!!!! They, too, thought was a good
idea! I am not trained to do that so I know I will not be doing it but I think,
perhaps, I should call the Diabetes Center and make the suggestion. The nurses
were so pleased that I was in control. They did come in and ask what my BGs
were. Once they asked an hour after I had eaten so I ran a test and showed them
on my Animas !200Plus the IOB feature and that I did not need any more insulin!
That feature really bowled them over!

 My stay in the hospital was a good experience except for all the dollars I
spent!!! But, as everyone has said "At least I know I'm okay."

Take care, all and Happy Pumpimg
Debbie and Sam Ina from Western Kentucky
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