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[IP] Just Chill and hit "page down"

Huh? I never said anything about stem cell research; for what it9s worth,
I9m absolutely in favor of it.

I also have no trouble scrolling past posts I9m not interested in; I do it
all the time.

What I responded to (and I9ll admit, I was few digests behind in my reading
so I responded after others had already suggested taking political opinions
to the Spirit List) was reading posts that simply heaped praise on the


> Hey Valerie of the fusedglass advertisement:
> You said >>>>>Can we PLEASE stop with the opinions regarding this man? I'm
> looking for diabetes info and it's making me ill to continue reading
> like these. This is not supposed to be a political forum. I know if I were
> express my opinion about him, I'd be asked to move it to the Spirit forum
> <<<<<<<<<<

> Stem cell research for curing diabetes and other diseases is no different
> introducing statins for folks with high cholesterol.  It is just a method
> being researched to help a lot of folks out.

Still learning...
Bonnie from Bama
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