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Re: [IP] Disetronic Spirit

At 12:01 AM 7/22/2006, email @ redacted wrote:
 > Since I've never used a Disetronic pump I have a question. What is it about
 >Spirit pump that makes people seem to want it so much. I looked at it's data
 >its web site and I could detect nothing special about it. I would also
>about buying a product from any company that can't obtain approval in that
>amiount of time.
>Just Curious.

 Most of the people who are interested in the Spirit pump, at this time, are
loyal Disetronic customers. In the past, Disetronic made excellent pumps. I used
an H-Tron+ for nearly 4 years and it was a "workhorse", a very dependable pump.
I, too, was very interested in the Spirit pump, but when it came time for a new
pump, I felt I needed more features than what I had with the H-Tron+ and so I
chose the Animas IR1200 which had already been approved and was being released
in a few months. My H-Tron+ was very basic, I could only bolus in certain set
increments (most people used .5, although some chose .1). For those who have
Animas pumps, the H-Tron+'s bolusing worked very much like the Audio Bolus
feature on the Animas pumps. However, this was the only bolus option you had.
There were no other choices.

 My only fear about the Spirit pump is, that once it's finally released, it will
already be outdated and the other pump companies will be far in advance of it. I
would more than likely not choose it then, if I could get a newer pump with more
advanced options.

 I hope that Disetronic can get their problems with the FDA worked out so that
they can get back into the market. They did make good pumps for many years. And,
even though they've had some problems with some of their past pumps, so have
other pump companies. They are not alone in that respect.

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