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RE: [IP] Re: gastroparesis

I have had Gasteoparesis for 6 years.  I have tried propulsid, buying
from Mexico and I have tried Reglan.  I could not take reglan due to the
side effects, I would shake. I did not experience being sleepy.
Nauseous has been something I have had everyday for 6 years. Sometimes I
wake up sick and I am that way all day long or I get sick right after I
eat or even just taking a drink of water.  I can't remember the last
time my stomach has growled, so I don't know why your stomach growls
after you eat. I usually try to stick to a liquid diet on days I'm
really sick.  Right now I am trying a new diet that does not contain any
dairy products, no coffee and no pop.  I have stopped eating red meat
and chicken and this has also really helped.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me off line.
Hang in there! :)
email @ redacted

In response to my questions on wanting some input, doc suspects
gastroparesis.  I wonder can it be?  I can be nauseous ALL day and very
faint.  Missing work too.  Could that be gastro?  Even after I eat my
stomach growls and almost all the time too.

If anyone is on Reglan for Gastro, does it make you sleepy(does me!) and
will that subside with time?

Waiting for my Upper GI test to be scheduled right now.
Barb T1-45yrs
email @ redacted
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