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[IP] Just Chill and hit "page down"

Hey Valerie of the fusedglass advertisement:
You said >>>>>Can we PLEASE stop with the opinions regarding this man? I'm
looking for diabetes info and it's making me ill to continue reading comments
like these. This is not supposed to be a political forum. I know if I were to
express my opinion about him, I'd be asked to move it to the Spirit forum

I say this to you with great respect to your personal belief system: it seems
if other's opinions are making you ill, you might want to practice hitting the
"Page Down" button and just skipping them.   It will certainly reduce your
stress level and maybe you will not feel ill.

Stem cell research for curing diabetes and other diseases is no different than
introducing statins for folks with high cholesterol.  It is just a method
being researched to help a lot of folks out.

I have gained some important information with the recent discussions about
stem cell.   Has anyone experienced this treatment?  Seems like I have read
about a few who were actually able to stop using insulin.   Although it
seemed, what I read, that it did not last more than a few years.  I don't
recall any negative side effects from the stem cell "transplants".

I think it would be great to have a "normal" pancreas for two years.   If this
treatment would become available to Diabetics and all the other folks who may
benefit, how many of you would join me in trying the treatment?

What does it feel like to get an injection or implantation of stem cells?  How
many cells does it take to make a pancreases work?  How long after the receipt
of the cells does it take to know if it is working?

Still learning...
Bonnie from Bama
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