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[IP] Re: Disetronic D-Tron Plus freebies

Disetronic is like a dead man walking...they just don't know it yet.

 I called the company on Monday after receipt of the letter and was told that
they had NO information as to when said design change occured, and I also have
probably 6+ batteries of reserves. I have had no instances of spontaneous pump
shutdowns as reported in the letter.

 While on the phone I voiced my displeasure over literally every piece of
Disetronic hardware that has been recalled: thepiston rod ( on the original
D-Tron not the PLUS) the H-Tron glass resevoirs, the Ultraflex infusion sets,
the D-Tron adapters, and now the friggen batteries. This doesn't even count the
pumps that need to be replaced EVERY 4-6 months because the silicone button
rings fall off. They are simply glued on, and eventually the glue just dries
out. While I was on the phone I had arranged to have a new pump overnighted to
me for said reason. As of today still no pump. I called last night, but when the
person in pump support picked up the phone it was fairly obvious that I had
woken him up from a nap, so not having the tolerance to deal with that I just
hung up and waited for today. When I called this morning red hot as to why one
wasn't shipped as of yet, supposedly they were on "backorder" and were awaiting
a shipment of pumps from Switzerland, supposedly !
 I will 
receive one tomorrow.

 Backorder? WTH is that all about? For a company that doesn't have to worry
about selling their products you would think they would have their inventory
system in check to ensure that they can provide replacements to existing
customers but looks like the answer ot hat is no. Now, yes my pump still does
work...and I have my backup D-Tron-Plus as well as two H-Tron-Plus pumps in case
of disaster, but why would anyone want to deal with a pump company that promises
overnight pump replacement when said company has been 'out of stock' for a week?
That wouldn't make me feel very confident, and in no way would I give them
another try in the near term given their failures (that is even if they had a
product on the market to sell), until they have demonstrated a complete
turnaround of their operations.

 When the Ultraflex infusion sets first were released, I called several times to
complain about the luer lock separating from the tubing. They ignored my
warnings and played it off as if I had done something wrong or abused the
product, this was after I had been already pumping for 4-5 years without any
problem using Tenders. Funny how they finally came around to "recalling" them a
few YEARS later, even though they still sell them.

 The Spirit pump is DOA once if ever it gets released in this market. It's
simply a step backwards in pump therapy vs what is already available. I first
started talking to a rep about it 18 months ago who back then was willing to
demo the pump for me. It was lateto market then, and even worse now.

 The silence from the company about the unlifted importation ban has been the
most deafening. As well as the lies surrounding the move to Indiana. Back then
employees & reps were actively telling people that they would be building a
manufacturing plant there for the Spirit in order to avoid the problems that
Burgdorff was having. Now maybe that's not all a bad thing though now that I
think about it, because to me at least, there has been a marked decline in the
courtesy and competance of the staff employed in Indiana vs the original staff
when they were still in Minnesota. This backwards step has been evident to me in
every step of their operations from pump support, customer service, their web
ordering system, etc.

 Over the years, the instances of Disetronic product, customer service, and PR
failures has gotten me red hot, and I used to be their number one supporter.
There were a leader in the market 7-8 years ago, now they are all but dead. They
ONLY reason I still use my D-TronPlus is becasue I LOVE the convenience of using
Lilly's prefilled Humalog cartridges in the pump. I honestly can't believe that
no other companies have gotten on the bandwagon, though I suspect it has to do
with pump size. In any case my warranty expires in early November, and unless
Animas relases a new pump with a 300 unit resevoir I'm likely to be switching to
a 722 or Cozmo system.

 Bottom line, this company has fallen flat on its face over the last few years
but instead of seeing signs of resuscitation, all I see are signs of a terminal
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