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[IP] Re: Disetronic D-Tron Plus freebies

I made a phone call to "support" yesterday, because I hadn't yet
received my first "every two weeks freebie" Battery.

She said that the failures are "due to a design change in the battery."

So I asked, "Was there a particular date on this change? I've got
several spares, some of them might be GOOD, OLDER ones".

She said, "We don't have a specific date for the change. ALL old
batteries should be discarded".
- - - - -

So I thought, hmmm, they first claim a "design change" and then can't
say when it occurred? This sounds VERY fishy to me.

But I've never the problem (failure to warn on low battery). I've always
had the warning occur at least 36 hours before the hard stop, and the
Hard Stop has always occurred with the as-designed LOUD Buzz and
Vibration. The FDA seems to be begging for documentation of more events,
there may not be all that many. So I plan to just start enjoying
freebies coming at over twice the rate of my battery usage, and stack up
a few. I pay about $12 REAL MONEY per battery.

Obviously, if I *DO* have the problem, then I'll start to follow the
"never-more-than-two-weeks" instructions in a big hurry.

If they offer a TOTALLY FREE "Spirit" to replace the D-Tron+, in the
same way as they previously replaced my old D-Tron, then I'll stay with
them. But if they kill the D-Tron and the upgrade costs me significant
money, then I'll be probably be upgrading to an
Animas/Cozmo/MM/Deltec//Etc Pump instead.
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