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[IP] Re: Disetronic D-Tron Plus freebees

I have been using several H-Tron plus pumps since 1999 and never had a single
problem with any of them.  Disetronic sends me a new one every time a
technical inspection is due (I think that's every 2 years).  At the time I
chose the H-TRON Minimed was the only other pump on the market and for me the
H-TRON was clearly better.

I also am bothered by all the nagging troubles Disetronic has had over the
years.  Soon after I started pumping, I received a letter stating the H-TRON
was not waterproof and that was one reason I chose it in the first place.
Then there was a battery problem similar to the D-TRON situation now.  Then we
learned the plastic cartridges were not sterile and we had to switch to glass.
And most recently there is a problem with the luer lock connection on the
Ultraflex infusion sets.  Perhaps none of these problems is major but it might
be symptomatic of larger and more pervasive problems within the company.

Roche/Disetronic has been promising the Spirit pump since last August when
their manufacturing plant in Switzerland was inspected.  They keep telling us
that FDA will lift the import ban "any day now."  They have been giving us
that same line for almost a whole year!  I think those of us who are loyal
customers and have been patient during all their problems and who really want
another Disetronic pump deserve a better explanation about why the Spirit is
not yet available in the U.S. and if, or when, it ever will be.
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