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Re: [IP] Re: LDL

I am still fighting "the Feds" to get my Vytorin.  I cannot take Niacin.  It
does not "mix" with the other meds I am taking.  I already take 1GM of Fish
Oil twice a day.
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   I think the point was well made in this discussian - what are you other
  numbers? I decided to try it without statins - my last levels were:

  Total 171
  Triglicerides 70
  LDL 91
  HDL 66

   This is on 1000 mg of niacin a day and I have yet to increase my exercise
to a
  harder level - it has been just basic more walking, taking stairs and so
  And I really like the fact that the niacin costs me about $4 a month while
  statin (with insurance was $40). I did this with my internists blessing and
  endos grudging ok.. but she was as happy as me with the numbers. so will
  continue to see how it goes.

  Linda & Dax

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