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RE: [IP] CGMS and reasonable post prandials

>Hi Susan,
>In addition to the super bolus, have you tried lower-glycemic foods? Like 
>substituting yams for potatoes, that kind of thing? I works well for me.

I am beyond frustrated, I am finding anything over 30g, no matter how 
much fat or protein I eat with it, drives me to 400.   It's almost 
easier when my gastroparesis is flaring.   Cereal is already death for 
me, so I do tend to eat slower carbs.   Lots of whole grains, no cereal 

The years of these swings has driven me to hate eating.   I don't even 
enjoy food any more.  (Well, the gastro did that more than the 
swings).   When my gastro is flaring all I can digest is simple sugars 
and the peaks make it worse, downward spiral.   I can't digest protein 
like beef any more really, so going completely low-carb would be beyond 
a challenge.   ARgh.

I have an appt next week.   I am just in shock at how high my 1 hr post 
meal peaks are.   It's a little bit of redemption:  I am doing nothing 
wrong, and I can't help but feel this is not my fault.    My numbers are 
'fine' at the 2.5 hr point.

What is really weird, is back when humalog came out, I was testing like 
10X day or more.   I found then that my number had a very slow trickle 
for 0 - 1.5 hrs after humalog, and then from 1.5 -2 hrs the main action 
of the drop, followed by a small amount of action from 2-2.5 hrs.

Now what I am seeing is more like slow trickle from 0-2, big drop 2:30-3 
hrs, trickle 3 -4 hrs.  

Note to John & Bob:   I didn't know there was a word for my proposed 
method (SUPERBOLUS!) but that's what I'll be trying for sure.   This 
week I hope to keep a detailed log of every bolus, and food that crosses 
my mouth for my next appt.


Susan M. Fisher
Brad's Project/Global Tech
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