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[IP] fat rise!

OK can I just complain about restaurant food and bg
rises?  Oh boy... so, my fiance' and I went to dinner
last night at a buffet.  At first I was dismayed to be
at a buffet because my blood sugars have been so good,
and I didn't want to be tempted.  But I did pretty
well, eating basically a whole bunch of different
types of vegetables, raw and steamed, and some
protein.  At the end of the meal, just for voyeurism,
I skimmed the dessert table, and when I saw the
whipped cream and vanilla pudding, I thought.. "what
could it hurt, having a spoon of
each?"  So I took a spoon of each :)  And when I got
back to the table, consumed a heavenly mouthful of
whipped cream.  Then I put the vanilla pudding in my
mouth......... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! it
was BUTTER!!!  So as the famous "Friends" episode
goes, "I ATE THE FAT!"  

'course I wasn't laughing this morning when my blood
sugar was 350, probably both from the butter and
probably fat in the steamed veggies now that I think
about it.  Oh well -- here's to a day of better bg's!!
 I'm at 190 now, working my way back down.



 It Is Estimated That 3.71 X 10^10 "First-Star-Tonight" Wishes Have Been Wasted
On Venus.

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