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[IP] Re: LDL

>What do your doctors have for your LDL goal?  Mine is insisting I get it
>below 70!   It is 80 now and I really dislike the Statin drugs.  My total
 > cholesterol was 157 last time and 154 the time before that. On the 
Statins, I
>sleep well at all.  It's a disaster.  Any thoughts?

What is your family history like when it comes to heart disease?  What is 
your HDL like?  Are you pre- or post-menopausal?  If there is no heart 
disease in your family, or your HDL is high, or you are pre-menopausal (or 
any combo), then taking a Statin is probably not worth the side effects.  
However, if there is heart disease in your family and/or your HDL is low 
(below 55 I believe for women) and if you're post-menopausal, then it might 
be worth considering a way to lower your LDL and/or raise your HDL.  Statins 
are not the only option.  If you haven't already, it's worth trying to add 
Flax to your diet, and trying to eat lots of whole grains and cut back on 
trans fat and saturated fat.  That may give you the slight boost to 70 that 
your doctor wants without going on meds.  If you weren't diabetic, your 
profile would be considered excellent.  If your doctor is still insistent, I 
would look into getting a second opinion.

BTW, I would absolutely LOVE to have that lipid profile with or without 
drugs, but I don't even think it's worth the side effect profile for me to 
go on Statins because while almost everyone in my family has elevated 
cholesterol, there is almost no heart disease (most everyone lives into 
their 90s), and my HDL is close to 100.  I did briefly go on Lipitor, and my 
LDL lowered to about where yours is naturally.  I decided it wasn't worth 
the risk and I looked into other options.  For me, getting my LDL below 100 
without Statins (my doctor's recommendation for me--but even then they were 
only slightly concerned when it was 130) required going off of the birth 
control pill.  I haven't yet found a doctor that believes the pill could 
cause this dramatic of a change, but my cholesterol took a 40-50 point dive 
when I stopped (and when I look back through my files it took an 80-100 
point skyrocket when I first started).  I haven't looked back since and my 
cholesterol has remained close to it's goal.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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