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[IP] Re: is a blood sugar of 300 always indicative of diabetes

The doctor that diagnosed me 14 years ago first thought I was not diabetic
despite blood sugars in the 300s. He was looking at me as a "whole person"
rather than a "blood sugar" and other evidence, to him, suggested I may be
bouts of "stress hyperglycemia." I was 21, in extremely good health, active,
healthy weight, in college, stressed over finals and money and relationships,
etc., and my blood sugars didn't stay high. They'd bounce from 90 to 300 and
back again.
He turned out to be wrong....after three weeks of close observation. But
nonetheless I think my experience indicates there could be other explanations
very high blood sugars.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 7/20/06 6:39:02 AM, email @ redacted

> I'm not a doctor, but 300 is a bit high. More than just a coincidence.
> jimb
> A relative recently went to the emergency room with kidney stones.  They
> a blood test.  She has never been diagnosed with diabetes, but is in her
> 50's
> and is very heavy.
> Her blood sugar was 300.  No one told her she is diabetic.  My husband
> out about it the next day and told her she is diabetic.  She went to the
> doctor who still did not say she was diabetic. He sent her for a glucose
> tolerance
> test and she does not have the results yet.
> Any thoughts on whether she will be told she is diabetic?  Maxine
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