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[IP] Re: Does a blood sugar of 300 mean you have diabetes?

Hi there,
This is my totally unscientific opinion, but I would say 300 sounds pretty 
diabetic (unless you don't wash your hands before testing).

I do find that docs tend to take impending/existing T2 less seriously, at 
least around here. I've been pushing and pushing for my parents to get 
various tests for T2, and FINALLY my dad's doc has sent him for further 
testing, after consistent fastings in the 140s...sigh. And my grandma, who 
is definitely T2, was placed on meds that had her going very low in the 
middle of the night. And my husband's great-aunt is still in hospital after 
her docs ignored a family history of diabetes and didn't bother checking for 
diabetes when she was placed on prednisone (double sigh...her blood sugar 
was ~1200 when they got to her, honestly). Ok, enough of a diabetic rant.

T1 (LADA) dxd April 2005, pumping as of November 2005
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