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RE: [IP] DC Endo

Physician Name:	Dr. Mark Sklar, MD
  Address:	3 Washington Circle, NW
Suite 208
Washington, DC, 20037
United States
  Phone:	202 887 4769
Dr. Sklar is a great pump doctor; he has helped me regulate my dosing
while I have lost 80 un needed pounds! He listens to my concers,is
knowledgeable about current developments, readily accessible. After more
than 30 years with diabetes and more than 10 years with a pump, I think
that Dr. Sklar is one of the best all around endocrinologists I have
ever met.

Washington, DC	 
  Physician Name:	Yasser Ousman
  Practice:	Washington Hospital Center
  Address:	110 Irving Street NW
Room 1A50
Washington, DC, 20010
United States
  Phone:	202 877 0333
The first time I saw Dr. Ousman he didn't say what would you thinking
about using an insulin pump; he said WHEN are you starting the pump! His
confidence was inspiring and he strongly believes getting patients on
pumps.  I've gotten lots of attention to help me set basal rates and
boluses and know they both are extremely knowledgeable. Washington
Hospital Center also takes a variety of insurance (PPO and HMO).

Washington, DC	 
  Physician Name:	Dr. Meeta Sharman
  Practice:	Washington Hospital Center
  Address:	110 Irving Street NW
Room 1A50
Washington, DC, 20010
United States
  Phone:	202 877 0333
  Dr. Sharma calls you after every blood test and goes over the numbers.
She will prescribe medicines and call them into your pharmacy.  She
returns phone calls, listens, goes over your diary, asks questions and
makes suggestions. 

Washington DC, DC	  
  Physician Name:	Dr. Ace Lipson, MD, FACP
  Address:	1120 19th Street NW
Suite 200
Washington DC, DC, 20036
United States
  Phone:	202 296 3443
I came to the US ten years ago from the UK, where I had been receiving
what I thought to be very good care. When I got here I sought advice and
everyone I spoke to talked about this Dr. Lipson guy. So I went to see
him. Best thing I have ever done. As his first name indicates, this man
is an ace! He knows how to treat his patients indivdually, not all the
same. He knows we are all different; that we have little quirks that
make us, us. He listens to what you have to say and he is always
available when you have concerns. It was at his suggestion that I went
on the pump. That's the second best decision I ever made! I have been a
diabetic for 34 years and I have to say that Dr. Lipson is by far the
best doctor I have ever had treating me. I cannot say enough good things
about him.

Washington, DC	
  Physician Name:	Dr. Stephen Clement, MD
  Practice:	Georgetown University Hospital
  Address:	3800 Reservoir Road
Northwest 6th Floor
Washington, DC, 20007
United States
  Phone:	202 687 2818
Dr. Clement is great if you're interested in the newest technology for
diabetics. He also writes guest articles for the ADA Forecast.
Therefore, he's very busy, but is willing to spend time on you if you're
willing to spend it on yourself, keeping records. He always gives
personal attention during visits and has an understanding, encouraging,
and helpful personality. I have had five diabetes doctors, and he's the
best I've encountered.

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Subject: [IP] DC Endo

 I just recently relocated to Washington DC. I am seeing a new doctor
but am
continuing to look for one that is a better fit. Anyone in DC have
Kristin Anne Fleschner 
email @ redacted 

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From: Nikos Filippou <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Re: [IP] MM RT Sensor Question for Sensor Users

You don't even have to reconnect the sensor. You just do the procedure
>sensor>sensor start>start new sensor. The pump ask for a BG in a
minute and in 15 minutes start to give accurate results without the 2
hours waiting.

I keep my sensor almost for 15 days each.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece
age 36, dx T1 86, pumping MM722RT with sensor on
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