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[IP] Re: LDL

    The agreed upon goal for me is <=70. I got there with 60mg of Lipitor
but the side effects were so bad that even 10mg caused perceptible problems
for me. Muscle, joint,and connective tissue aches along with severe weakness
made me take notice when I kept hearing about similar problems among  users
in my local community. I don't think that the ancillary benefits of Lipitor(
and perhaps 3 of the other 4 statins) are worth the changes that can come
with a good LDL. The surprising thing was that over a year's time, when I
complained about the increasing pain and fatigue non of the three docs that
I was talking to would willingly explore the Lipitor connection. I hope that
someday the truth on this drug sees the full daylight.
    Sleeping problems were there but too many other things were and are
changing to make a serious connection.
    It appears that 10mg of Zetia ( under the same conditions) will produce
super lipid numbers for me without the pain and weakness. With two mo. since
the change I am now going to see if the numbers hold up in the long run.
            Peter 1

> Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 22:05:10 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] LDL
> What do your doctors have for your LDL goal?  Mine is insisting I get it
> below 70!   It is 80 now and I really dislike the Statin drugs.  My total
 > cholesterol was 157 last time and 154 the time before that. On the Statins, I
> cannot
> sleep well at all.  It's a disaster.  Any thoughts?
> Maxine
> .
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