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Re: [IP] Stem cell research

As someone who has been through fertility treatments, and currently has four
embryos sitting in storage, waiting for us to make a decision on their
use... I thought I'd put my two cents in here.

If I decide not to transfer them, I am not interested in donating them to
another couple.  I would however, donate them to research that might
potentially extend and improve the lives of many living people.  This bill
was passed by a majority, fair and square.  That's democracy.  Our
representatives, deciding how to spend our tax dollars.  Not one man,
deciding what HIS religion does and does not approve of.

I'm interested in seeing this line of research through to its logical
conclusion, and interested in hearing about how it might improve our lives
and those of our children.



On 7/19/06, Friis, Donna <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I admit I have a moral question about whether or not we should destroy
> embryos but the fact is, despite my opinion, we are doing it right now
> all the time in the US. In fertility clinics some embryos are used to
> impregnate couples, who could not otherwise get pregnant. The ones not
> used, get destroyed (a small percentage get frozen at the couples'
> expense for later use). So if there is a moral question I believe it
> lies there, in whether to allow couples to destroy the unwanted embryos
> in order to become pregnant. If you believe an embryo is life, then we
> are currently creating lots of lives and then destroying the leftover
> ones after the couple becomes pregnant. If we as a nation have an issue
> with destroying embryos we are targeting the wrong group - I have yet to
> hear of anyone protesting at a fertility clinic.
> I don't see a moral issue or even a moral question with using embryos
> that are being destroyed anyway. It just seems wasteful. I would not
> support a bill that created embryos for research but if they are
> available and are going to be destroyed, I would choose NOT to be so
> wasteful.
> Honestly I think potential parents should consider adoption first (so
> many children who never get adopted) but if they really want to be
> biologically related to their child(ren) and are going to destroy (or
> kill) their unwanted embryos then at the very least, let the world
> benefit from the cures we will find. (It might not help our
> generation(s) but if it can prevent our children or grandchildren's
> generation  from suffering the same fate, then by all means.) I believe
> the proposed legislation still includes choice - permission must be
> obtained from the parents to use their unwanted embryos. It also allows
> them to choose to have their unwanted embryos destroyed directly in lieu
> of going to research.  I see it similar to the donor stamp on my
> driver's license: I am not ready to die at this stage in my life but if
> I have to die then by all means let my death help someone else live.
> .
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