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[IP] What Should be on the main IP List ...

Hi All,
Personally I think it's time we had the discussion and perhaps a vote about 
what should / should not be discussed on the main IP list.  I belong to the 
main list / POP and the AUS/NZ list.  Then there is CWD and various other 
medical information lists I belong to.  I don't want to have to add the 
Spirit List to this !

There are a number of things discussed on this list that I don't agree with, 
but I just press delete ....

But as someone living with T1 I do expect the FACTS on Diabetes Research 
(stem cell and otherwise) and how Govt's from many countries deal with this 

I'm not going to insist you eat meat if you are a vegetarian; support wars 
and killing if you are a Pacifist. I'll even respect your right not to use a 
Pump !

But I DO expect to know about ALL Medical Research that has some bearing on 
the Diabetes that I have lived with most of my life.  Because Stem Cell and 
DNA type research is such a major source of possible breakthroughs (even a 
cure), I can't believe this topic is relegated it to another "minor list".

For those interested ... in Australia despite a high level review 
recommending approval of very limited research on Stem Cells the Prime 
Minister has refused to even take the report to Parliment for discussion. 
Two States are considering legislation which would allow them to conduct 
some research in these areas.  I find myself "idlely" wondering what I would 
do if one of these States discovered a cure ... Would I move interstate to 
take advantage of the treatment (as some Australian women do to meet the 
various State  rules for fertility treatment) ?

Who knows ? But I do expect to know what happening and to be informed ...  I 
think relegating topics like this to the Spirit List is like discussing the 
possibilty of "redecorating" when a large pink elephant is sitting in the 
room ..................

Warm Regards,
T1 37 Years
Pumping Animas
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