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[IP] MM Paradigm 522/722 RT CGMS Sensor Questions: keeping sensor in for more than 3 days

I have been reading the recent posts about keeping the MM Paradigm RT CGMS
sensor in for  more than 3 days by doing a "start new sensor" with the old
sensor in place.

If I am correctly understanding this, the old sensor may be kept inserted
longer than 3 days and sometimes as long as 15 days?

Now, these sensors do cost a lot of money, a package of 10 for $350 USD is
what MM is now selling them for, I think this is the current price.
And without insurance coverage, it is all out of pocket expense.  So the
temptation to use them for longer than 3 days is great, I do admit.

But what about the possible risks of keeping the sensor in for longer than 3
days? ( The rule I follow for my infusion set is no longer than 3 days due
to possible site infection and loss of absorption, etc.)

(1) Can a sensor really be giving accurate BG numbers after 6 days, 9 days,
12 days?  It seems that some users have said yes, it is still accurate.

(2)  Are there any less medical risks having the CGMS sensor in for more
than 3 days, versus keeping an infusion set in for longer than 3 days?
Possibly because it is a passive device, i.e., not delivering insulin, but
just monitoring whatever it monitors?

As I will be starting on the sensor in two weeks time, I am very interested
in comments and thoughts on this.

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