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Re: [IP] Spirit pump

I heard from a Roche employee that the Spirit pump will not be released.

Jan T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) Dialyzing 7/8/02

 ***Kind of a blanket statement...should it prove true I would not be surprised
due to the length of time they have been at war with the FDA. The last
newsletter didn't even talk about it although they are still promoting it on
their web site. Can you provide any additional info? And if it was a
"private..off the record you don't know me" comment perhaps it was a little
premature to have posted it on this site.
 While there are loyal disetronic customers left the numbers are dwindling. We
have waited patiently for the release of the spirit. It appears that since Roche
bought them out that they have gone downhill as so often happens when companies
are gobbled up. And it my personal opinion and gut feeling that perhaps they see
the profit in basic supplies and not in insulin pumps themselves. With the
current giveaway program for infusion sets they seem to be looking to gain
supply customers. It is too bad because I chose a distronic pump because after
my initial research I found them to be the superior company with the superior
pump.. sadly I don't say that anymore. I still do business with them since I use
the h-tron. But when I am ready for my next pump even if the spirit were
released I am not sure that it will be my choice. But as I have no funds for a
new pump it is a moot point.
Linda & Dax
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