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Re: [IP] Inhaled Insulin

While I, of course, agree with all who have commented on inhaled 
insulin's problems as a regular treatment for someone who is 
insulin-dependent, I was having a little reverie the other day <gr.> 
about things that might simplify my control problems.  I don't react 
quickly to insulin, though I did 10 years ago, when I first started 
Humalog.  Now, I often have to wait more than an hour to see any effect 
at all from a correction bolus, and several more hours to see the full 
effect. ( Except for the correction times, the lag doesn't work too 
badly, incidentally, since I also have gastroparesis <gr.>.)  But I 
wonder if using inhaled insulin for corrections might make my life 

Though it would not make as much difference in my life as that 
wonderful and always available chef who cooked such wonderful tasting 
food, with immediate access to all fresh produce and instant cooking 
techniques, and exact info on all nutritional info, that I was 
imagining for my kitchen <gr.>.

Linda Z
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