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[IP] inhaled insulin and the pending Veto

 Inhaled insulin is just a different means of delivery, simple as that, how it
works, how basals are set etc, probably will be EXTREMELY different than they
are now. inhaled insulin would allow someone who is diabetic to uptake insulin
faster than a simple injection. Diffusion of insulin through the injection site
(or pump infusion site) has it's limits ( the reason why people have to change
the sites after 3-4 days or so) Diffusion through the lungs to the blood system
would allow absorption of insulin much quicker than through infusion or
injection, as such I believe that it may help some people.....no reason to poo
poo it.

 As for the Pending Veto, I am also torn; I have not been diabetic nearly as
long as some for sure, and I must admit I don't know a ton about stem cell
research. I know the basics about them, but I also know that they have been
using adult stem cells in other countries to do the same thing they want the
embryonic cells for...yes research is important....just not sure at this point.
Sorry to disappoint people who REALLY wants this.

 I too will be waiting to see what comes of the current lines of stem cells

Hope you all are well


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