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Re: [IP] New to group: and *questions*!

I too was hard to convince about the pump, as what I had read indicated the 
biggest "pro" was no more injections, and quite frankly, after 20 years of 
MDI, I saw no benefit at all.
What the pump has meant for me is freedom and confidence.
I can now eat when I want to, and am not the person at gatherings that "has 
to eat to keep her sugar right."  If I fall asleep on the couch after a long 
day I don't wake up at 3am with crazy BG because I slept through my bedtime 
NPH.  If  I'm out somewhere at night, I don't have to rush home for that NPH 
or preplan and have it with me "just in case"  I don't have to worry about 
meetings that last through lunch, or waking up in the morning in a cloud of 
dawn phenomenen induced high BG.
I'm not afraid to go to the endo.
 I don't have to live my life around food and clocks..
The best test for me was last week, I had a severe migraine that sent me to 
the hospital for the first time in 3 years (for migraine) I could not eat 
all day and anything that had been in my stomach I threw up in the 
ambulance.  Not one morsel of food all day.  I kept checking my BG all day 
in the hospital, (despite the morphine I was still checking) and it never 
rose above 108, never dropped below 90.
I use a minimed 715 and my life has completely changed.


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> I also take daily prednisone for my steroid dependent asthma. Before the 
> pump
> I was swinging from the 30s to the 600s (or more) all day long depending 
> on
> what the pred. was doing at the time. I was constantly trying to chase the
> highs and lows and since my basal needs were so varied Lantus wasn't a 
> help at
> all.
> Initially my endo was reluctant to prescribe a pump since my levels were 
> "too
> unstable" but it was been a life changing thing. I can't even begin to
> describe how much better things are now although I am sure that most of 
> the
> people on this list can relate! I highly recommend it! It really helps 
> with
> the wild steroid numbers since you can have so many varied basal rates.
> Emily
> I take steroids daily and have since I was a teenager. As I said above, 
> I've
> managed to mostly
> control by blood sugar even with increased dosing of prednisone. Not this
> time. Or at least I assume the prednisone is the culprit for my out of
> control
> sugars.
> .
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