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[IP] RE: Airport Security

 I just got back from Italy last week where my pump or medicalert bracelet
set off the security walk thru at Rome's Fiumcino airport.  I showed the
pump to the  security officer who seemed to recognize it but he did a wand
search anyway which came up negative and I was allowed thru.  This also
happened to me in Trinidad going thru their security.  It's never happened
to me in the States which I find weird. :)  Also as we were flying home from
Rome that same day I pulled my pump out to check readings and the stewardess
saw me.  She asked me if my "beeper" was turned off.  When I explained to
her it was an insulin pump she got embarrassed and I reassured her anyone
could make that mistake as it does look like a beeper.   Also I have to say
I worried so much about carrying on that wicked syringe for my Solu-Cortef
steroid and no one even asked me about it!!!  I packed it with some extra
insulin syringes in my medical bag and I had no problems.  Thank goodness I
only travel maybe once a year by plane - it really stresses me out to carry
all this stuff with me - worse than carrying around a diaper bag! :)
RobinA in Texas :) 
Not all who wander are lost. 
J. R. R. Tolkien 
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