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RE: [IP] Monday Night Chat

Stephen I have a Cozmo also for the most part it is very nice, the main
drawback in my opinion is the software.  The Cozmonitor software works great
for setting up the pump but it pretty usless for analyzing the data.
Fortunately they used Microsoft access to store the data so it's pretty easy
to hack into and put into excel or use Abbott copilot software.  

Have you looked into the Omni pod, it has a built in meter and from what I
understand pretty nice software.  The Omnipod seems to get pretty high marks
from what I have read in this site.

My personal opinion is I would never get a pump without an attached meter
ever again.  Having it with you all the time is awesome. However, everyone
has different likes so I would make a priority list and see which meter fits

Good luck.


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Love our Cozmore!!!!  My daughter is 8 and has been pumping since October,
2005.  The glucose readings stored in the pump along with the meal bolus's
is incredibly useful.  The pump will essentially "think" for you regarding
how much insulin to deliver based on your glucose readings before meals and
how many carbs you eat.  The correction factor is great too.  If your
glucose is high you can add a correction bolus.  The pump will tell you what
it suggests to deliver and you can adjust it if you need to.  The delivery
can be as low as .05 of a unit.  My daughter needs this tight control as she
is a little insulin sensitive.

The downloading of the info is EASY!!  You get the CozManager software
system that creates some wonderful canned reports you can print or save to a
file.  The download process is easy and takes only about 10 minutes.

Decisions, decisions.  Good luck on your choice!

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I am trying to decide between the animas and Cozmore.  Seem to have  heard a

lot of positive about Cozmore, but only 2 replies about animas.   The debate

in my head is whether I would rather have the smaller animas with the  food 
lists and carbs and all, or the Cozmore with the meter hooked on.   Since I 
always have a purse, carrying a separate meter isn't a real problem, but
forgotten it a few times.  I like the idea of glucose readings going
into storage, but really don't know if that is a big deal--I can do  some 
 recordings before I send off readings. If I an understanding literature,
doesn't record any readings anyway does it, but the  Cozmore does.  
 Decisions, decisions!! One minute it is definitely the animas, then I read
and decide Cozmore.  
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