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RE: [IP] Re: Is anyone using inhaled insulin? Opinions?

Re: Also, it only comes in 3unit and 9 unit increments.

 Geez. Another reason not to use it. My ex-endo tried to recruit me for the
trials of people with
 asthma. I declined both on safety grounds -- I've been hospitalized for
pneumonia in the past, and
 need to not aggrevate my asthma -- and on grounds that it couldn't give as good
control as my pump,
and I wasn't going to give up my pump for any trial.

 Well, 3 U would mean I would have to eat exactly 75 g of carbs per meal, so
that's another reason
I'm glad I declined.

And I already carry around a large bag with meds & stuff.

 I think this inhaled isulin thing is half-baked. I think there's a small
minority of people for whom
 needles are too scarey and are putting off going on insulin, but otherwise it
doesn't make a lot of
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