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Re: [IP] Searches at Airports

 I can only speculate but a minor should never be separated from their
guardian....period and they searched her twice - twice with the wand and two
patdowns...then the explosive wipes...then let go....the woman grabbed her and
shoved her and never explained anything nor asked any questions....she did not
care that it was an insulin pump and reduced her to tears....her chaperone is a
friend of mine that has traveled all over the world when her hubby was active in
the Navy and it was the worst treatment she had seen.....there was and is no
excuse for such treatment.....

Wendy Ort <email @ redacted> wrote:
I am sorry with what you daughter had to go through. I am wondering if
the second pat down could have been because her pump tested positive for a
component in Explosives. I know a parent on another list whose son tested
positive for explosives because of sunscreen. I am assuming while in Italy
your daughter was using sunscreen. That could have been the whole reason
behind it. I also am assuming the reason they asked the chaperone to go
away from her was so that they could get answers without the adult being
there. Who is to say the Chaperone wasn't using your daughter to carry
something on the plane.

p.s. Last year since the flight i was supposed to take from Allentown to
Detroit was cancelled. I ended up being booked on another flight to
Georgia. When I got to the security checkpoint they had to go through all
my carry on backs. They took everything out. I am sure they were wondering
why a diabetic has so much candy on her.


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