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Re: [IP] re: flying with a pump

 I usually wear my pump in the "watch pocket" of my jeans. I have been to
several airports wearing my pump like this and have never set off the alarms. I
usually do not even mention it.
 Over the 4th, I flew from Orlando to DC and back. No problem leaving Orlando
but at the Dulles airport when I was returning, I set the alarm off. This time I
had my pump in its plastic clip case. I'm thinking that the metal button that
allows it to rotate might of set it off. Lucky me got an all over hand wanding.
Places on my bra set it off and the lady said "oh, that must be the metal on
your straps" I did not respond because the style of bra I was wearing was a
sports style and there was no metal except on the back...very strange. (You guys
that don't know what a sports style bra is will just have to ask someone who is
knowledgeable! ;-p). Next time, now cases...
 I didn't feel too bad, my husband's belt set it off and he got the same
treatment (but he didn't have metal in a bra...haha)
 You just never know when you will set off an alarm. I took everyone's previous
advice and had all my documentation in my carry-on bag just in case they needed
End of story.
Betsy & Lil' Bit

 -------------- Original message ----------------------
From: Susan Keuter <email @ redacted>
> I just got home from a trip from PHX to Atlanta.  I kindof wanted to  
> "taunt" the screeners - because in 1 year I have only been asked once  
> about my pump.
> I wear my pump usually in my front pocket - which is where it was  
> yesterday.  
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