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Re: [IP] Brad and CGM

<<<The Guardian system IS COVERED by most insurance companies.  Its just the 
new 722RT system that is not covered YET.>>>

Just a clarification:

The CGMS Gold system that MM has (came out in ~2000 or so) IS covered by 
insurance.  This system is a CGMS monitor attached with a cord to the sensor 
and after three days of continuous wear, you take the system to the doctor 
and download the results.  You do not see anything real time while you are 
wearing it, and you only use it for 3 days and then you're done.

The Guardian RT sytem that MM has (came out in 2005) is NOT covered by most 
insurance yet.  This is the stand alone CGMS system with results displayed 
that does not communicate with the pump.  Results are viewable on the screen 
of the receiver 24 h a day in 5 minute intervals (I believe that is what the 
interval is).

The Paradigm RT system that MM has (came out this summer) is also not 
covered by most insurance yet.  The is the CGMS system that communicates 
with the Paradigm pumps.  Very similar to the Guardian RT, but using the 
pump as the receiver.  It also has a few more bells and whistles, such as 
graphs and trend arrows.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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