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[IP] Flying with a pump


Every time I've flown with my pump, I set off the alarms. I'm whisked aside,
patted down and wanded (they bring in a female agent, which takes extra time
sometimes). I've been told if the pump sets off the alarm, the passenger is
automatically wanded and patted down.

I'm actually kind of relieved when my pump sets off an alarm...that means
the airport's
system is sensitive enough to catch things. I've never had the problem that
little girl
had...as soon as I explain what it is, many of the attendants nowadays know
what I'm talking
about and just ask me to hold the pump away from my body while they wand and
pat me down.
Years ago, when I first started traveling with my pump, they were a little
more suspicious, but
the only time I really got frisked was when we were flying to the Kingdom of
Tonga in 1989. My pump
turned out not to be the problem...what they didn't like was the scissors I
had in my bag that
I used to cut the tape (supplies were more primitive back then!). I still
miss those scissors.

Cheryl Hite
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