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ONLY thing I wish the Animas (IR 1250) had but doesn't, that the Cozmore has

If that's your only hang up, choose a schedule that you can stick with and
go with the Animas. I read recently that changing every 3.5 days is best. I
chose Monday morning at 7:00 and Thursday evening at 6:00. I do use my
Cozmo's site change reminder, but I also just know that Monday & Thursday
are site change days. The article I was reading said that trying to stretch
our site changes out can actually cause our sites to "wear out" faster. I've
been pumping almost 20 years and rotate sites through four basic areas and
was beginning to develop nonabsorbent spots, probably from trying to stretch
the time between changes too far for too long. Now that I'm on my 3.5 day
change pattern, some of those nonabsorbent spots are starting to soften up.
I may even get to start using them again before too long.

Cheryl Hite
email @ redacted
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