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Re: [IP] Minimed CGMS Realtime or DexCom

My diabetes educator has suggested that I can use my thigh for my MM.  I have
been reluctant since the tubing is so short.  I know that I am short, {59"}
but it still isn't long enough.  OH!  I wear my MM in my bra.   I cannot wear
the insertion site on my lower abdomen due to a lot of scarring so, I use my
upper abdomen and my sides, as far as I can reach.  Barbara
  Rick Stockton
<email @ redacted<mailto:email @ redacted
>> wrote:

  > Are you using my site recommendation, exactly along your
  > side, or are you sticking them in somewhere else?

  My first three were on my abdomen, toward the middle, and the current
  one is on my upper buttock (which has cut down on my habit of showing it
  to people!).  Anywhere else (including along my sides) I hardly have any
  subcutaneous fat at all - don't know how it would go to try to put a
  sensor in there, but seems like I'd hit muscle.  I'm 6'3", 175 lbs -
  don't have much body fat.  Generally I'm fine with that, but lately I've
  been wishing for a bit more to "soften the blow" (literally). ;-)

  Have any other lean people tried alternate sites for Dexcom or Minimed
  CGMS sensors?


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