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RE: [IP] CGMS and reasonable post prandials

 How high should our peaks be? As low as possible. Even if the peaks do no more
harm than their
 impact on your A1c, reducing your variability will allow a beter A1c without
increasing your risk of

"Close to 400" is high.

 Anyway, the technique you describe -- using a lowered temp basal, and taking
that insulin as an
immediate bolus -- has a name: Superbolus. It really does help.

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What are we to expect as our PEAK after eating?

The ADA guidelines are for 2 hrs after eating.

I want to know what you think is a reasonable number 30 m to 1 hr after 

I fear that THIS is where my bad a1c's lie :( 

My dexcom has proved my basals accurate to slightly overagressive 
(downward trends) while fasting.   My overnights are rock stable.   
Everything is stable.

But if I eat more than 30 g at a meal, I skyrocket to close to 400... 
but am of course back in range by the 2 hr to 3 hr point.  

I never imagined my peaks were that bad :(

I see symlin in my future :( bah!   For now, I am bolusing 30 m. prior 
to eating.   Next step is to bolus extra and temp basal LOWER after 
eating (attack the peak with a little extra, but don't crash 2 hrs 
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