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[IP] CGMS and reasonable post prandials

What are we to expect as our PEAK after eating?

The ADA guidelines are for 2 hrs after eating.

I want to know what you think is a reasonable number 30 m to 1 hr after 

I fear that THIS is where my bad a1c's lie :( 

My dexcom has proved my basals accurate to slightly overagressive 
(downward trends) while fasting.   My overnights are rock stable.   
Everything is stable.

But if I eat more than 30 g at a meal, I skyrocket to close to 400... 
but am of course back in range by the 2 hr to 3 hr point.  

I never imagined my peaks were that bad :(

I see symlin in my future :( bah!   For now, I am bolusing 30 m. prior 
to eating.   Next step is to bolus extra and temp basal LOWER after 
eating (attack the peak with a little extra, but don't crash 2 hrs 

Susan M. Fisher
Brad's Project/Global Tech
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