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RE: [IP] MiniMed Reservoir

My daughter (age 8) is on the Cozmo and we love it.  We swim all the time.
We just take the pump off during those times and give a little more insulin
before she begins.  The bulkiness factor is outweighed by the convenience of
having the testing meter attached and we don't have to cart around another
device.  When we download, all readings are there . . . boluses, blood
sugars, corrections, etc.  The site change alarm is wonderful.  I count on
it every time!!  We use a wipe called Skin-Prep by smith&nephew before
applying the infusion set.  This is the only one that works for us.  The
site stays on tightly for the 3 days.  If we swim a lot during that time,
sometimes I just secure the site with waterproof tape.  We recently tried
the Cozmo infusion sets, Cleo90's.  Very disappointing.  They don't seem to
deliver properly and quit at the end of the 2nd day.  We went back to the
Animas infusion sets and they work perfectly.  Good luck!

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I looked into all 3... Ruled out MM cause of NOT company guaranteed
"Waterproof" even when new... And out-of-pocket cost nearly $1,000 MORE than
the out-of-pocket cost for either Animas OR Cozmore (all 3 including initial
90-day supplies.)

Ruled out Cozmore because of pump bulkiness and need to remove glucometer if
intending to use in water.

ONLY thing I wish the Animas (IR 1250) had but doesn't, that the Cozmore has

I was told "Change infusion set every 2 - 3 days" by Beth (the pump
trainer), and my doctor just said to "change according to pump trainer's

	I often forget how long ago I last changed sets, and several times,
changing sets, I've checked the pump history (Primes, etc.), and noticed
that based on prime records, it had been as long as 4 - 5 1/2 days since
last set change.

	But lately, remembering set changes hasn't been a problem... The
sets have
been FALLING OUT/OFF of me within 18 - 36 hours... Getting AWFULLY

I don't have any Mastisol, but got some "New Skin" liquid bandage, and have
tried that as soon as set starts detaching... So far, it looks like that
MIGHT keep the sets sticking for a full 3 days.


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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 18:29:33 EDT
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Subject: Re: [IP] MiniMed Reservoir

How do you reuse a resevoir?

I also have a question.  My 508 was working when I took it off last
 The Dr. recommended I start with a new more up- to- date  pump.  I have
looking at them, but for some reason am having a hard  time deciding.  I
a waterproof one (swim a lot, etc.), and think I  have it narrowed down to
 Animas or Cozmore.  The meter hooked to the  Cozmore isn't waterproof
though.  I like features of both, but not sure I  would even use them all.
 anyone has good or bad experiences with these two, would appreciate some
just keep getting told "it is a  personal decision", but need more than that
I guess.  Trying not to make a  mistake.  They say go to websites and read
 about them, but of course their website isn't going to say anything that
positive.  Any input would  be helpful.  Thanks very much.

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