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Re: [IP] MM CGMS sensor caution about airplane usage

I set off the alarm on a recent trip. (I forgot I had my cell phone in my 
pocket.) The security checker I got was the mother of a pumper! She even 
asked me where my set was so she wouldn't accidentally dislodge it during 
the patdown. I've never had a problem with anybody not knowing what a pump 
is, but having somebody who *really* knew was kind of kewl.

Jan and ElvisToo

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From: "Beverly P White" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] MM CGMS sensor caution about airplane usage

> And as to flying with a pump....my daughter, almost 13, returned from 
> Italy
> this past week through JFK....no problems anywhere with customs or 
> immigration
> but at the security check heading to her connection, the pump apparently 
> set off
> the alarm and the woman did not know what it was nor did she care....Mary
> endured two wand checks, two hand patdowns and her pump and her body had 
> an
> explosives wipedown......they tried to make her chaperone go on as 
> well......all
> of this from the same woman who would not look at any on the letters etc 
> or
> listen to any explanation......no problem any where else........
>  Bev
> Kathleen Weaver <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  I "ran" into this myself. I'm flying next weekend and was trying to
> get clearance for my CPAP machine so I can use it on flight. When
> they asked if I had any other medical devices I told them my insulin
> pump and it had to be cleared through the avionics department. Since
> I have an Animas pump, it's not a problem, but it did take them two
> days to get it cleared. The CPAP was cleared immediately since they
> don't transmit either.
> I think it's a FAA/FCC thing. If you need the frequency -- look at
> the recent FDA premarket clearances, they list the frequency on that
> PDF. I'd have to do a search to find it, so I'll let you do it.
> On 7/15/06, bob weitzman wrote:
>> I am curious about this statement from the sensor user guide(Intro, page 
>> 3)
>> Does anyone know if this is a "hard stop" warning? Does anyone know about
>> the transmitter "broadcast" signal,(frequency, power, etc) ?
>> Is this perhaps a "just in case" on the part of Minimed until they get 
>> some
>> more actual usage data?
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