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Re: [IP] Sloooow digestion: YMMV or something else?

 Hi yes I have noticed ther same at lunhc and dinner, I can agree its been
  Its not always consistent, but hte same would occur, I would give me bolus as
I ate and then would go low one hour after, and then would be frustrated because
once I ate or corrected the low, then my food would would hit and I would be
high...I have been trying to figure it out, however I have noticed that as long
as my bg's are over 140 I am fine, and I usually always wait about 15 min into
my meal before I bolus-that has seemed to work best-
  Let me know if you learn of anything new to try:)
  Good Luck

Tricia Jane Edgar <email @ redacted> wrote:

Hi all,

It's come to my attention that not everyone has to do a dual wave (combo) 
bolus for 2 meals of the day. I do a normal or super bolus for breakfast, 
then a 50/50 split for lunch and dinner (over 2 hours for lunch, 3 for 
dinner). I eat a normal to slightly higher amount of fat - mostly "good" fat 
like flax. So I don't think that it's the fat. This happened to me on shots, 
too, and I would go low at 1 hour, because I didn't have the option of the 
dual wave.

I'm not too active after dinner, but I am plenty active before and after 
lunch, so it's not that. And it's consistent - no spikes way later, 
generally, unless I eat more fat than usual and don't adjust accordingly.

Is speed of digestion a YMMV thing? Anyone else weird like me? I'm not 
worried, really, merely curious.


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