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Re: [IP] MM CGMS sensor caution about airplane usage

 And as to flying with a pump....my daughter, almost 13, returned from Italy
this past week through JFK....no problems anywhere with customs or immigration
but at the security check heading to her connection, the pump apparently set off
the alarm and the woman did not know what it was nor did she care....Mary
endured two wand checks, two hand patdowns and her pump and her body had an
explosives wipedown......they tried to make her chaperone go on as well......all
of this from the same woman who would not look at any on the letters etc or
listen to any explanation......no problem any where else........

Kathleen Weaver <email @ redacted> wrote:
  I "ran" into this myself. I'm flying next weekend and was trying to
get clearance for my CPAP machine so I can use it on flight. When
they asked if I had any other medical devices I told them my insulin
pump and it had to be cleared through the avionics department. Since
I have an Animas pump, it's not a problem, but it did take them two
days to get it cleared. The CPAP was cleared immediately since they
don't transmit either.

I think it's a FAA/FCC thing. If you need the frequency -- look at
the recent FDA premarket clearances, they list the frequency on that
PDF. I'd have to do a search to find it, so I'll let you do it.

On 7/15/06, bob weitzman wrote:

> I am curious about this statement from the sensor user guide(Intro, page 3)
> Does anyone know if this is a "hard stop" warning? Does anyone know about
> the transmitter "broadcast" signal,(frequency, power, etc) ?
> Is this perhaps a "just in case" on the part of Minimed until they get some
> more actual usage data?

Kathleen Weaver

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