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Re: >> Eric Re: [IP] dexcom VS minimed [Link for Minimed 522/722 CGM manual]

I got my Link meter in March.  For the first month I ran checks on both tha 
BD and the Ultra Smart.......They were always within a few points of each 
other.....I only use the Ultrasmart as a back up now or for my car.

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From: "Antonio" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 11:23 PM
Subject: >> Eric Re: [IP] dexcom VS minimed [Link for Minimed 522/722 CGM 

> Eric,
> Thanks for the information.  Although I am good at researching things, it 
> sometimes amazes me how an obvious search can produce such an accurate 
> answer.  That's exactly what I wanted to know.
> I tried the BD Link when it first came out, and then again when it was 
> later supposedly "fixed".  Both times yielded results that were wildly off 
> from my Ultra.  I know that you're not supposed to judge a meter's 
> accurracy by comparing it to another meter, but you should be able to get 
> within a few points of each other.  At least that's what my 4 Ultras do. 
> But not the BD, it was sometimes way off.  Too many times to base my life 
> on.  Also, it is very sensitive to the way you apply blood to the strip. 
> While the Ultra has it's own idiosyncracies, I can always tell in advance 
> when I'm going to get an Er 5 from not enough blood.  When I was sent the 
> second BD Link meter, I read the package insert that came with the strips, 
> and the accuracy margins are greater for the BD than for the Ultra. 
> Although it's not as "slick" as having the BG results transmitted directly 
> to the pump, entering the results into the pump manually is not a big 
> deal.
> I'm looking forward to CGM becoming mainstream enough for insurance to 
> cover it and, hopefully, for it to be made into a smaller transmitter 
> and/or possibly having the sensor cannula combined with the infusion set 
> cannula.  Once it gets to the second generation, I will get it.
> Antonio in LA,Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
> MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra, MiniMed Carelink and PAL software
> Eric Jensen wrote:
>> Antonio <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> What I wanted to know is how the entries for *CGM calibration* are
>>> made, either manually, as described, or via RF or direct link with a
>>> glucometer, and if so, which one.
>> Antonio:
>> The manual for the 522/722 says (page 23):
>> "After the two hour initialization period you must enter a blood glucose
>>  (BG) reading into the pump to calibrate the sensor. If you are using
>>  the Paradigm Link this will be done automatically with each
>>  fingerstick."
>> Do you have their "Paradigm Link" meter?  If so, how do you like it?
>> I've always used Lifescan meters (and now am back to my old OneTouch
>> Ultra, since it's the only way to calibrate the Dexcom).  But when I get
>> my Minimed pump, I wonder if I should switch meters.  Any comparison of
>> the two?
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
> .
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