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Re: [IP] how does your doctor write prescriptions?

Thanks for all of the answers.  When I first started pumping my CDE 
wrote for 3 vials and did not put down any daily dose.  I had no 
problems.  When I had my PCP write a new script last year after the 
original ran out, I told her not to put down any dose (she always 
wants to do that!) and we had our usual argument about it, but I got 
my way.  I don't know how I didn't notice it on this script, which I 
got back in April.

Now, 1 vial actually would be enough for a month since I use anywhere 
from 17 - 23 units a day.  High carb days, close to 300g, I'm at 23 
units or so.  So the 50 units my doctor wrote is actually double of 
what I'd use.  But, I have thrown out a reservoir or vial of insulin 
when my numbers went wacky and the infusion set seemed fine.  I like 
having a backup vial and as someone said, if you end up getting sick 
or on medication that raises your BG you're going to need that extra insulin.

I see my CDE on Monday and I'll get new prescriptions from her.  I'll 
have her write for 66 units a day (maybe I'd better make it 67...) so 
I can get two vials.  I think I'll ask for two prescriptions, one 
written for a 3 months supply and a regular script to bring to the 
pharmacy in case of an emergency.  I'll ask for the same for my 
strips, and try mail order on those.  Instead of paying $20 for one 
month's supply of insulin (since they insist on charging me 2 co-pays 
for the 2 vials) I can get 3 months worth (6 vials) for the same $20 
through mail order.

This really isn't Caremark's fault.  They told me to tell the 
pharmacist to ignore the doctor's instructions, and just put it in as 
a 30 day supply but the pharmacist refused.  I asked her if I sent 
the same prescription directly to Caremark, would they give me both 
vials for one co-pay and she said yes, because 1 vial would not be 
enough for 30 days.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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