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Re: [IP] dexcom VS minimed [Link for Minimed 522/722 CGM manual]

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From: "Eric Jensen" <email @ redacted>
> Do you have their "Paradigm Link" meter?  If so, how do you like it?
> I've always used Lifescan meters (and now am back to my old OneTouch
> Ultra, since it's the only way to calibrate the Dexcom).  But when I get
> my Minimed pump, I wonder if I should switch meters.  Any comparison of
> the two?
When I received my paradigm meter I ran a series of comparisons between it
and my trusty ULTRA.  The results were wildly different; about 30%

A call to BD tech support resulted in  a new set of test strips and a new
meter.  Testing both meters against my ULTRA then gave similar results., so
I put my original errors down to bad test strips.

Thinking about this afterwards, I am not happy about the original errors,
whatever the basic cause.

So I'm still using my ULTRA, and thinking about never using the BD meter.

George Eberhardt
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