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Re: [IP] re: on infighting and "using diabetes as an excuse"

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> Ok, I'm the one who wrote about the lady at my husband's work eating the 
> candy
> and claiming to be high and needed to go home. <snip>
> Now, to clarify. The lady said she had been a diabetic for many years and 
> took
> no insulin or oral meds. She "knew" she was high because she was sweating 
> and
> clammy. She also claimed eating the 2 pieces of candy made her very high. 
> <snip>
 This lady has NO WAY of getting her BGs down when
> they go up---THAT is truly, truly scarey.

Sure there is. And we all know about it. It's called "exercise." Even people 
who don't take meds are able to use exercise to lower BGs.

But I do agree that she needs education and a doc who cares. Unfortunately, 
many type 2s are in the same boat she's in - not through their fault, but 
because the docs either don't care or don't know how important it is for a 
type 2 to get education. Maybe they don't want to take the time to learn 
about today's meds and methods of control. On the other hand, some people 
resist doing what they need to. I knew a type 1 who refused to take more 
than one shot a day despite her doc's insistance otherwise. Consequently, 
she had plenty of problems - and complained when her insurance payments kept 
going up. I felt like "turning her in" to the company's owner. It was a 
small company that really couldn't afford to have the woman on staff under 
the (self-inflicted) circumstances!

Jan and ElvisToo 
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